11 special places to propose in London

With Valentine’s day just around the corner (the 14th February for those of you who need constant reminding) romance is truly in the air. And, guys, if you’re looking to propose to your lady in original and memorable ways (as you should), I’m afraid to say the bar has been raised. Flash Mobs are the latest craze and I can’t deny that watching men attempting to put together song and dance routines in the name of love is pretty endearing!

Of course, not everyone can be expected to engineer a proposal worthy of a million views on YouTube. Sometimes the right location can make all the difference between a proposal to boast about and one to forget.

So here’s a handful of ideas for our top places to propose in London. From showmanship to adrenaline to simplicity – we’ve covered it all.

1) The Shard

If you’re head over heels in love then the dizzying heights of the Shard is the place for you! There’s no better number one spot for most romantic place to pop the question. You’d be looking out across an iconic London skyline from the breathtaking height of 1,016ft – almost double the height of any other viewing platform in London. This attraction, having been open less than a year, still benefits from some exclusivity value too.


2) The Planetarium in Greenwich

Stargazing became iconic in the 90’s when Ross took Rachel on a date to the planetarium – (if you don’t remember this Friends episode, we demand you youtube it now!) and look how it worked out for them in the end…10 series later and they finally got together! But joking aside, The Peter Harrison Planetarium at the The Royal Observatory in Greenwich combines the romance of stars with stunning views across Greenwich park. This proposal has all the elements of a perfect Disney romance, a combination that no one could say no too. For full details click here.


3) The London Eye

Again, the London Eye can offer you stunning views from the comfort of a cosy pod. Hire one out exclusively for the two of you, then sit back and enjoy all the charms this ferris wheel has to offer. The engagement pod, nicknamed ‘Cupids Capsule’,  is one of the most sought after locations with over 5,000 people proposing to their loved ones – with that success rate what are you waiting for!


4) Primrose Hill

A great location with great views this is the perfect place to take your partner for a romantic stroll before giving her an unexpected surprise. It’s a rare part of London where you’re able to look out across the busy city from a rare spot of unspoilt greenery. Standing 78 feet tall, your vantage point of the London skyline isn’t bad either. Wait until sunset for the ultimate romantic gesture.

5) Queen Mary’s Rose Garden

If Primrose Hill grabbed you but it’s not quite scenic enough than Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent’s Park is where you need to go. It boasts an impressive 12,000 roses and looks simply stunning. The best bloom takes place in the first two weeks of June so there’s still time to find the perfect ring! With benches dotted all along the garden it’s become a favourite spot for many to escape the quick-paced capital. A treat for the eyes and nose. Don’t take my word for it, look at these stunning photos


6) London Zoo

A bit of zoo trivia, the most proposals have taken place by the penguin enclosure. Makes sense really, penguins mate for life after all.


Does your partner have a favourite animal they’re completely obsessed with? Taking them to the zoo would be a great ruse as it’s bound not to arouse suspicions. You’d be having a lovely day, slowly leading her round to the one enclosure you know she’s been waiting to see – and suddenly there you are bending down on one knee… Magical!

7) The Surprise Commute

Unusual proposals have started to become a sensation on YouTube, with videos going viral in a matter of days. The Americans have proved their imagination by creating film sequences of dance routines and cinema trailers. If you want to do it in a more understated, prim and proper way (the British way) then surprise your partner on their morning commute. Give your other half the shock of their life by pulling up on a hired out, private London bus intercepting their morning route to work, whilst they queue unsuspectingly none the wiser. This ones a bit of a gamble as timings have to be perfect (you’d have to recruit a trusty team of helpers) and there would be an audience of grumpy morning commuters awaiting her answer – but the greater the risk the greater the gain! If your partner is a tube commuter then how about taking a leaf out this guys book – a flashmob choir on the underground!


8) Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


From the 5th April 2014 the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will reopen to the public – whilst you’d miss a Valentine’s timed proposal, you’d be gaining one of the most iconic locations in recent London history. Furthermore, with the park having undergone new landscaping you’d be among the first to enjoy new parkland, fountains and waterways. The mixture of London beauty and history is what makes this location truly special. Most of us will never forget the night Britain won triple gold thanks to Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah – and now not only do you get to see and stand in the same spots that magic happened but are able to create your own very special memories. 

9) ThamesJet

The alternative Valentine’s proposal! If your relationship requires a plan that’s completely unique and wild then this is the one for you. You’ve still got all the magic London landmarks, and no one can debate that a river setting screams romance…but with the added adrenaline thrill of the fastest jet boat on the river. Twisting, turning, accelerating and hard-braking with a pumping soundtrack… we guarantee it will be unforgettable. Stick on a tux and you’ll be living that ‘James Bond’ experience. Who wouldn’t say yes to the sexy super-spy? (Although you’ll hopefully be more reliable than 007…)

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10) Eel Pie Island

A charming island on the River Thames at Twickenham, you must either embark on a boat ride or footbridge journey to reach it. But once you have you’ll be able to appreciate the serene atmosphere and idyllic views. This is an ideal location for a private and important moment as it’s slightly under the radar compared to other high profile contenders. If you’re unsure from the name head down there to explore first hand, you won’t be disappointed.

11) City Cruises Valentines Cruise / Hispaniola

It’s a fact – a riverside dinner is the people’s choice for number one date destination! [Find survey results here]. Where better to propose than on the river, think Titanic – heck think Ariel in the Little Mermaid and ‘kiss the girl’ on the top deck of a luxurious riverliner. The riverside by night is magical whether you’re floating downstream or moored up in City Cruises sister ship, the R.S. Hispaniola. This vintage restaurant ship is another perfect place to pop the question.

If these locations have grabbed your attention, then don’t delay! City Cruises and Hispaniola are offering any lovebirds that get engaged onboard on the 14th and 15th February a 50% discount off private hire for your engagement party or wedding day.

For full details of City Cruises Valentines Cruise click here; for full details of Hispaniola click here.