London pancake day celebrations


Tuesday 4th March is Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as pancake day, and is one tradition not to be forgotten. Originally, it was borne out of the Christian ritual ‘lent’ where Christians would give up or abstain from food in order to fully understand the 40 day and night sacrifice made by Jesus. People would empty their larders and put all fatty foods into the pancake batter in order to clear their cupboards of temptation. It was one last night of indulgence before the fast that was before them.

If standing over your cooker for hours trying to produce a stack of identical, beautifully round and well decorated pancakes doesn’t sound like you’re idea of a riot (and having been the nominated chef that stands there while everyone else digs in, I sympathise) how about throwing caution to the wind and venturing out this year? There are plenty of places in London to go and enjoy a pancake or two, or three… or if you’re feeling up to the challenge twelve makes it a free dinner!

Where’s good to eat?

My Old Dutch is a one stop shop for everything pancake. With the average size of one being bigger than your face and with both sweet and savoury options, My Old Dutch boasts very satisfied customers.

If you’re a pancake guzzler then put your stomach to the test with the Breakfast Club’s ‘flippin mental pancake challenge’. All 4 branches challenge you to eat 12 american pancakes in 15 minutes. If you achieve this noble feat you may walk away from the diner bill free. If you fail the total to pay for your humiliation will be £17.50. The silver lining to this is ALL money gets donated to the Ray’s of Sunshine Childrens charity, click here or check out their event on facebook for more information.

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Where’s good to race?

If you’re sticking to your New Year’s resolutions and an all you can eat pancake fest is most certainly off the table, how about joining in with a new tradition that’s starting to grow in popularity? Pancake races! If you think tossing a pancake in a frying pan whilst running is easy peasy lemon squeezy, you’ve got until March to practise and recruit enough cool friends to enter as a team.

Greenwich Market Pancake Race, Tuesday 4th March

This event is returning to Greenwich Market after its highly successful debut last year. All you need is 3 team mates and your own frying pan – pancakes will be provided. Judges will be looking for number of pancake tosses, height of tosses, number of rotations (that’s right people a full toss, not just a flip in the air), and of course speed. Fancy dress isn’t mandatory but a prize for the ‘best dressed’ will be awarded and let’s face it, you’ve got this far you might as well take a shot at winning a clean sweep. The pancake fun isn’t limited to adults only, kids races are being hosted with a start time of 4pm. Watch this space for the latest announcements.

If this event has tickled your fancy, then why not take a City Cruises boat from central London to Greenwich Pier and enjoy the sights. It’s also a bargain and our friendly onboard staff aren’t ones to judge a ballerina/banana/nun carrying a frying pan around on a casual Tuesday evening…

Parliamentary Pancake Race

However, if you’re more a spectator than competitor hot foot it down to Victoria Tower Gardens and enjoy the official Parliamentary Pancake Race – that’s right MPs, members of the press and lords all don an apron and frying pan to support the great charity Rehab. Guaranteed to be a right laugh, we can’t wait for the batter-mix battle to commence!